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Dien Rice
August 11, 2021, 03:52 AM
When selling to a sophisticated audience can visual layout MAKE IT OR BREAK IT?

NOTE: I putted "Consulting" on the title but the question is really for both Products and Services in general.

And i said purposefully "sophisticated market" because "rich market" is too broad.

A person can be a "nouveau riche" with lot of money and not sophisticated and vice versa.

I am sharing here this AD that is on Drayton's website for Bentley: https://draytonbird.com/the-proof-of-a-strange-pudding/bentley/

The AD is gorgeous.

And, of course, when selling anything visual (like jewlery) the photos have to be TOP photos.

However I am asking specifically on the visual layout when targeting "sophisticated markets" regardless of the product.

Maybe more important that the visuals are the medium. Like a well regarded print magazine.

Your thoughts?

Thank you all.
Hi Mike,

Whether visual layout is important depends on what the customer is looking for!

Customers for Bentleys are mostly looking for STATUS vehicles, I would say...

They want a car put together which is better, made out of better materials, runs better, won't fall apart, has better engineering, etc., compared to other cars...

They want a car which the manufacturer spent money on, and in return, they're willing to spend big money to buy it...

So, a company that spends BIG MONEY on making a slick-looking ad reflects exactly what the customer is looking for! They want a manufacturer willing to spend big money to make the car!

Now, let's say a customer, instead, is looking for a grandmother's home made jam, from a traditional recipe within the family, passed from mother to daughter...

A very expensive, slick ad probably does NOT reflect what they are looking for! In fact, it would convey the OPPOSITE of what they want...

In fact, probably a hand-written ad would reflect much better what they want... Something traditional, folksy, home-made...

It all depends what the customer is looking for...

The business which provides better what the customer is looking for - and can communicate that - will in most cases win...!

Here's an absolutely crazy ad along these lines (that worked)... By Bill Glazer, long-known as Dan Kennedy's business partner...

Bill Glazer ran men's clothing stores...

Here's a completely hand-written 5-page direct mail ad! It's almost the opposite of the Bentley ad... It looks amateurish!

But who is it appealing to? It's appealing to those who want a BIG DISCOUNT on their clothing!

They're NOT looking for the most expensive, most exquisite tailoring... They want someone who needs to sell at a big discount, needs to sell cheap, so they (the customer) can save a lot of money!

Here's the first page... click on the link afterwards for the whole thing...


Full thing here...


I hope that makes sense...

Best wishes!


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