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August 14, 2021, 08:24 AM
You KNOW. You've been there. In the chair where copywriting is THE essential thing, BECAUSE, the offers needed to be sold.

Ever since Copywriting has become a Biz-Op, it is, of course, hyped and hawked as THE most important skill to have. But I again assert, there are more products, more easily sold, because copy isn't necessary.

So, sure...selling newsletters, make money courses, Internet Marketing and all of that stuff, good copy is needed.

As an Entrepreneur, I have ALWAYS encouraged folks starting out to find buyers first, and I still don't understand why anyone would START their business or money making ventures with a harder, more difficult route to go.

Do you know why? Is it because good copy tells them they can?


Hi Gordon,

The book I was thinking about was "Direct Marketing Success: What Works and Why" by Freeman F. Gosden, Jr...

In that book, he talks about the "40-40-20 Rule"...

To summarize, this "rule" says the success or failure of your direct marketing is due to...

40% - The Audience (i.e. the list)

40% - Who you are, your product or service, the offer

20% - Creative, format, postal

Among Richard Benson's 31 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail are...

"23. Lists are the most important ingredient to the success of a promotional

"24. The offer is the second most important ingredient of direct mail."


However, Denny Hatch apparently estimates 40-40-20 is wrong, and that it's more...

"70% offer, 10% list, 20% creative for internet direct marketing..."


Then there's Axel Andersson's saying,

“If you want to dramatically increase your response, dramatically improve your offer.” – Axel Andersson

(Axel Andersson is a direct response marketer who's been cited often by Denny Hatch, and who provided 6 out of the 7 "Emotional Hot Buttons" Denny Hatch has written about...)

So - I think you're right!

Copy is overrated...

Yet is still important!

Best wishes,


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