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August 1, 2022, 10:42 AM
Too much "sleight of hand" for me in Sports Gambling...never play anything where human element has a say. With machines, unless they are tampered with, one has the fairest chance, still slim.

You do have destination and casinos there, a huge business. What happened to most of those hotsheets for the lottery, went online and became virtual products. I too once store to store, but that was a long time ago.

Today, it has to be automated. Gambling is one of the world's biggest businesses, a multi billion, even a Trillion dollar world wide industry.

Playing lottery is a hobby, one for me, that replaced golf and while neither one cost me much money, because I came out ahead...both of those recreational activities could be very costly.

But with this new thing coming to Ohio, it is all about the TOOLS TO THE MINERS.

I think an Insiders Guide to the Ozarks is a good info idea. The TV show with Jason Bateman about the Ozarks gave your area a lot of free attention too, why, even some Ohioans are apt to visit now and again, HA!

Tools to miners. That is really what this is all about, Sports Betting just a gravy train coming down my tracks.


Was not aware of the Ohio sports betting program being set up. Of course, here in the Ozarks we don't think much about what is going on in Ohio.

I did get caught up in the big Megaball frenzy with the over 1 billion dollar jackpot and bought a couple of tickets. Seems like someone from my wife's old neighborhood won the big prize !

Your discussion made me think about the lottery in general. With all the service stations, grocery stores, retail stores, etc., selling lottery tickets, a hot sheet might work for them. I don't like the idea of going business to business, personally to offer any hotshots, but a sales person could do the job.

I seem to remember a few websites that offer weekly "tips" or reports on whatever lottery is going at the moment... yet even those that I saw seemed more "luck" based than statistics. Some years ago, Gail Howard had a book about creating tickets with "key" digits. Even Steve Player's "Win" book (out-of-print) seems to be so valuable, that it is almost impossible to find unless you pay thousands for it.

With all this interest in winning just the lotto... I am sure sports betting is just as big. The lottery seems to be for the common man, whereas sports betting may be a step up. Ha ! I really don't know since I never bet on any sports game or horse race ever. :)

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