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August 5, 2022, 09:05 AM
The NFL has been consumed by Deshaun Watson this past off season and now the commissioner is appealing a ruling for a six game suspension.

The Browns, on paper, just as they were last year...have a solid top tier roster, and last year Baker Mayfield took most of the blame for its less than stellar season.

Now, they are loaded with talent...and yet, their franchise record setting QB, may not even play this season...and that has Books in a tizzy.

I think, just from preseason scuttlebutt, that the Browns and their games will have very tight margins, most to an even bet, because they need to see the team perform on the field.

Amazing how one man can upset the league, be headline news for months and still not have the issue resolved...although, I am a long suffering fan, if Watson does get to play this season, I'll be rooting for the Bengals.

What does one fan LOSS mean for the Browns? Nothing. The haslams just raise their gas price a cent or two to cover any fan losses.

Anyhow, Watson is more confusing than Jimmy G out there in "Frisco" (yea, I know, you CITY dwellers hate it when we call you that).


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