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August 23, 2022, 12:52 PM
Deshaun Watson, over for now, as far as playing the first part of the season, and almost instantly, the line moved on the Browns from contender to also ran...and it is changing daily.

The whole episode has made me become more of a Bengals fan at this point, and my early Browns prediction is....INJURY after INJURY, and a very disappointing season again. But wait til next year when superman comes back to play at QB and all Cleveland Fans (minus me) will forget and forgive.

Anyhow, as Ohio gears up for the coming Tsunami of sports betting, it is a good time to get it under your belt, if you are going to be involved.

Remember one thing, my whole schtick with it is, TOOLS TO MINERS, and we're working on several innovative tools we hope there is a big demand for.

In about 3 weeks, those of you with the TIDAL WAVE report will receive your update...automatically.


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