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July 31, 2022, 12:12 PM
Just a half a year away, and one NFL season, til, Ohio begins sports betting.

So far, I'll have at least 4 kiosks within a 10 minute drive (if I hit all red lights) of me, not sure about the SportsBook locations outside of Casinos and stadiums...not yet announced.

If they get them up and working on time, then in Jan. our first big bets will be either on NFL or NBA games. Don't yet know what other bets will be offered.

I'm betting neither the Browns nor the Cardinals will be in the Superbowl.

As it gets closer, Ohio will be releasing more information on all the types of bets it will allow. ONE prediction, it will start big, and quickly taper off...

IF this economy continues, then even hardcore gamblers are going to make choices...and maybe the lottery becomes a better choice with bigger payouts than the sports betting.

There will be a lot of hype, promotion, but by April, or MLB season, I think the luster may have worn off. We'll see.

Working on my hotsheets.

Keep you posted.


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