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Don Alm
September 22, 2006, 10:55 PM
It's "interesting"....how the conversation can go from a 'Positive-Doable-Original" money-making BUSINESS idea starting with NOTHING but a 'Sample"....into....

"The PRICE of Homes in Roseburg, Oregon.

Speaking of which...I can provide Links to over 20 Houses listed for over 1 Mill. Here's one for $929,000... http://www.allstaterealestate.com/view_residential.aspx?listingID=6039380&agentID=248&page=1&last=results

Here's some for $2 Million and UP! http://www.roseburghomes.com/ in the box, type in $1 million and up....and see what comes up.

Again....this program is FREE to Real Estate Agents. The "sponsors" on the BACK pay HANDSOMELY to be seen by people searching for homes to buy!

And again....I am NOT "selling" this program! I thought I'd drop in here and provide a "CONCRETE" ....ORIGINAL IDEA....that maybe SOMEONE could pick up and run with.....without spending more than 50cents in paper and ink. A DOABLE program for making money from home. Just make up a Sample and go show it to some real estate offices. THEY will tell you who THEY prefer to have on the Back of their Listing Sheets.

Don Alm

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