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September 23, 2006, 09:53 AM
Hey Pappy, You spilled the beans. . .

Don would charge for the info because he knows how much cash it can generate and those willing to pay and act will make their money back over and over again.

So many people (me included) miss the obvious.

Don noticed that eyeballs were landing on the back of the flyers and that certain people would gladly pay to reach those eyeballs and Don could offer them a guaranteed way to put their ad in front of them and at the same time show the REs how his lender can help them sell more houses.

Too many people look for reasons why something is not a good idea so for them its not. While they are hiding behind their computer monitors trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with something brand new others are out making a fortune acting on simple but old ideas that work if you work at them.

Next thing you know a few mud slingers will be crying that Don stole the idea from someone else. Or that he's charging for ideas that others give away free. How dare he charge for something that can make you money.

He should keep his ideas to himself but that would not be as much fun. Don just can't help being a sales shark. If he's not selling ad space to local merchants he'll take great pleasure in selling his knowlegde to others.

Maybe we can stone him if he keeps it up. Just Kidding :D he's gotten my money more than once and I'm better off for it!


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