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Rod Carr
September 22, 2006, 04:41 PM

A quick search revealed over 250 homes listed in Roseburg, Oregon:

(see http://www.roseburghomes.com/localsearch_results.html)

With an abundance of homes listed at $500,000 and up, an average sales price of $465,000 appears accurate, and is not uncommon in small communities throughout the Pacific NW.

As far as the RE Listing Sheet Advertising idea, I disagree with the “tone” of your assessment, and don't see what good could come from labeling any ideas on this forum like that.

However, without first testing it in the marketplace, my guess is that few Realtors would be interested in simply placing ads on the back, and for the reasons you state.

But the back of those sheets are blank and those eyeballs can be difficult and pricey to reach. So for that reason alone, I think it would be interesting to explore what is, and what else could be done with this surprisingly wasted space.

One thing that comes to mind is the way Joseph Cossman tried to include an FAQ on the back of every circular. And how he used this technique in some very creative and effective ways -- like helping store clerks to identify counterfeits by putting this info on the back of one of his product sheets to help secure more valuable counter space!

And I'm wondering what other helpful information would house hunters like to receive?

What type of unanswered questions do they have?

What type of questions and answers could you provide that tie-in to complimentary local product or service endorsements?

What are the most profitable endorsements to offer?...

The way prices have jumped more people are “flipping” houses, and it seems like something like this could work with helpful ideas for “fixer-upper” listings.

And I know from hosting open houses to sell an old family home how many prospects would walk through each room discussing improvement ideas. What if you could plant those seeds prior to each tour?

Anyway, just a few thoughts, but I think Don's Listing Sheet Advertising idea is a very interesting one that could be twisted into other more effective and profitable sales tools then what exists.

Any suggestions?


Rod Carr

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