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September 21, 2006, 10:28 PM
All yA gotta do is "BE AWARE"!

Because I have made it my business to "be aware" of things around me and have trained my mind to "be aware" of "Money Making Opportunities"...I would like to relate a recent example of how I turn my "awareness" into "BIG money".

In my local shopping mall is a large Kiosk about 8 ft by 8ft....sitting in the middle of one of the aisles. A local real estate co has built a display that looks like a "Log Cabin" with a shake roof....with open sides where a sales agent can sit and around 3 sides are 2 rows of "Listing Sheets" in plastic holders...approx. 10 sheets per row. There are 20 Listing Sheet holders per side.

Note: A "Listing Sheet" is an 81/2" by 11" sheet of paper with a photo of the House...a description of the property...a photo of the Listing Agent, with their address and phone...and a Logo of the Realtor Office.

Now...again....because I have trained my mind to be "aware" of "things around me" ....a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, while my wifee was shopping in Macy's, I decided to sit down in one of the benches near this Real Estate Kiosk and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS (while sipping on my Vanilla Latte)

Well...here comes a couple....they look at the various Listing Sheets displayed and pick one out of it's holder...look at the front...turn it over (which is blank) and look at the front again and the woman folds the sheet and puts in her purse. They walk off.

Then, along comes another couple...who also look at the Sheets displayed... pick one up...look at it....turn it over...turn it back to the front...the woman folds it and puts it into her purse and walks away.

Well...this SAME procedure goes on for about 10 more couples and single guys and gals....when "something clicks into my Awareness Mode";

"WHY ISN'T THERE SOMETHING ON THE BACK OF THESE SHEETS?" They are ALL being turned over and looked at!

Well...I "clock this into my Memory Hook".

Later that afternoon my wifee tells me she noticed a "For Sale" sign on the lawn of the house across the street. I take a look and notice a "Plastic Box" on a pole next to the curb. This box holds some "Listing Sheets" giving the photos and info about the house.

I pull out a sheet and notice the recent rain has curled the top edges of the "20lb bond" Listing Sheets.

The rain stops and about an hour later as I'm relaxing on my front patio...I notice a brand new Mercedes SUV pull up...a dapper gentleman gets out...goes up to the box...lifts the lid, pulls out a Listing Sheet and takes it back to the car with him....whereupon he drives off.




THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS (This house is listed at $465,000)....ON "TOILET PAPER"?????

My goodness folks....whoever came up with the idea of placing "Property Listings on Sheets of Paper and placing some of these papers in a "WeatherProof Box"...was a great idea BUT....they didn't go far enough.

AND....why not make use of the backside of these Listing Sheets....by placing ADS for businesses and services interested in reaching people "Hunting For Homes"?

Soooo...being in the "Ad" biz for many years....I put together a "Sample" and went to the owner of the real estate biz....showed him my "Classy Paper" and "Ads on the BackSide AND...something else I included that would really cause the "House-Hunters" to want to KEEP these Listing Sheets.

He LOVED the idea and was my first participating realtor.

I have since...signed up other real estate offices where I was able to put together a program where I collect $600 a Month from each real estate office....simply for providing them with MY "Listing Sheets".

Your "HomeWork" is....go for a ride around YOUR neighborhood. Stop your car at some of the "Flyer Boxes" in front of houses for sale....pick up some "Listing Sheets" in the boxes....look at the backside!

Are they.... BLANK?

IMAGINE the "possibilities" of WHAT could be on the backside of these and how these sheets could put money in YOUR pockets.

If anyone is interested in how I did this....send me an email with the heading, "Listing Sheets".


Thanks for reading,

Don Alm

P.S. Mark down this date... "Sept 21, 2006"..... as being the FIRST TIME you read about THIS program...so that as time goes by and more and more "Info Writers" create their own versions of "How To Make Money with Real Estate Listing Sheets"....YOU will remember WHO was the FIRST to introduce this concept.


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