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September 22, 2006, 08:25 AM

Thanks for putting forth an different way to look at things.

I'd like to add an additional caution, if I may...

Makes no difference who Alm 'really' is -- if his ideas are good (+ can do some good for some people), I say: It's a good thing.

A couple of things Stand out from this text, thanks to my Studying of Bill Myers...

Thing # 1: "If his ideas are good (+ can do some good for some people)..."

In some of Myers sales-letters he uses the old "If this.... then that..." logic. Such as, for example only, "If you can identify a hot market for software, then you stand to make some really Big money selling the software you create."

Meaning, when stripped down to it... that simple word IF has a vast difference in meaning. IF the idea is good... and THAT is the question... is the idea Good in the first place???

Thing # 2: That is makes No difference who the person really is if the ideas are good and SOME people are done good by it.

I am sure that SOME people were done Quite well by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany and Hitler. By your statement, therefore, that is a good thing.

I am not saying that you condone Hitler, the Nazi party, the Gestapo, or what they did. Merely pointing out that, based on your choice of words, almost anything can be said to be good.

That an idea is Good or Bad is also subjective.

When Eric came up with his Pixel Site Idea, I canned it for Not being of Full Use to those who buy ads. And I say the same of this...

The ads do Not enhance the sale of the home - the Primary reason for such flyers. And whether they actually generate additional business for those who take out the ads is questionable also - even if they are coupons with offers on them. In short, while the idea is geared to make money for the person selling the ad space, that is all it is truly geared to do.

A small while back Gordon wrote about everything being about The Customer, not you. My understanding of this idea.. and all those Ad ideas is... they are about the Ad Seller and Not the customer. And with such sales coming from FaceTo Face selling, that it's good for the ad seller is also drawn into question - as those most drawn to such an idea cannot do face to face selling at the moment and are likely Not to make money Trying the idea.

Thinking this way - as I expressed above - is not a "half empty half full" idiom. It's a statement of reality. Can Some people run with what has been presented and make some money? Yes. Can the Majority of those who are excited by it do it and make some money? No. That's not to say the idea is good/bad/otherwise. That's just the way it is. That's all.

Just beware of those...

If this... then that...
With just... you stand to make...

...kinds of statements. They make things very appealing. While the details are always hidden behind those IF and JUST words.

Michael Ross

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