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Sandi Bowman
October 31, 2007, 12:44 PM
You've had some great ideas here so let's add to them.

Have you considered a children's toy and learning show in the mall area...one weekend or more? Sure to get people's attention this time of year. Try an after hours one so parents can get babysitter help and shop without the kids.

Another option: a local artist's show in one segment of the mall areas. Lots of specialty things that don't ordinarily occur.

Incidentally, you might check with a lawyer. There might be a way to get your money back from the estate. Of course they'll try to discourage you but it's worth a try. Not your fault the agreement wasn't completed so no reason you should have to forfeit. Worth checking at least. Estates have been tapped before as I know from a close friend's experience.

You might consider lease-options on the houses. Do a thorough check on the new folks, make sure they can follow through with the purchase eventually. More likely to take care and pride in the place and avoid wrecking the house. Even if they don't purchase eventually, you've had the income and any improvements they do to add value.

Sandi Bowman

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