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November 4, 2007, 06:24 AM

Thanks for ASKing for ideas.

Often, the Problem you Think you have is Not the problem you Really have. And so, solutions to problems you think you have don't often fix the Real problem.

So first thing is to do like Gordon suggested... assess.

But I take it a step further....

You say you need CashFlow. But what you Really Need is what having that Cashflow would do for you - what you'd spend it on.

For example: You could use Cash to buy food. So what you really need is Food and not cash, right?

So if you are short on Cash itself then you have Multiple Problems to solve...

Obtaining Food
Paying the rent/mortgage on your home
Paying Interest on investment loans
Putting gas in the car
And so on.

Each of them are Individual Problems and can each have a different Solution, besides you having Cash to spend.

In Australia the Salvation Army provide Food Vouchers which allow you to buy up to $X worth of Groceries. And if you Buy Smart you can get a Real Lot for even just $100 - rice, potatoes, pasta, and other Filling Food to keep you fed while you get sorted.

There is also rent/mortgage assistance as well from some charities. To keep you out of the bankruptcy house (Garth, suggesting Bankruptcy is bad advice as the money is Still owed but now the credit is totally shot. There is ALWAYS a way out of a jam. Always.)

A car can be gone without for a while if Gas is a problem. Or take public transport. Ride a bike. Walk.

As for Interest Payments in Investment Properties. I'm with the others here... lease with Option to buy, wrap around mortgage, contract for deed, or any other similar Owner Finance where the payments taken in are larger than the ones going out. And as was suggested... the Notes such terms create can also be on-sold to others.

For the Strip Mall. Is there a way to offer them as Serviced Offices? How about Self Storage? Combination Leased - such as a masseur, nail technician, facial person all sharing the one Store; or an accountant, lawyer and financial planner all sharing the one store; loan broker, insurance agent and conveyancer all sharing (all examples need minimal FitOut to work well)? A themed front - dance studio, martial arts practice center, yoga/pilates (all also require not much more than the existing empty space)?

The Amount of money needed to Make Payments is also something to consider. As is taking zero profit on the Residentials just to offload them fast.

There is Always a way.

Michael Ross

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