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October 31, 2007, 10:15 AM
Back to the other promotion. Weeks went by with the other promotion and what I found out is that I had been lied to. The promotion had not been tested and ready to roll out. My money was used to do the testing. This guy however does I believe have some morals and he was being used by Gary just like I was. He's trying to make good with me but in the meantime I'm out that money.
Part c- my present real estate projects. Prior to the last few months my rehabs would sell within 30 days. But this real estate crash happened like overnight and I'm stuck with 2 houses that wont sell. I bought both with lines of credit. There is equity in both and I've reduced the prices but they still haven't sold.

So as you can see I'm highly leveraged and have lost thousands of dollars. My cash flow is nil. I'll end this diatribe in the next post with what I have learned..............

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