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November 1, 2007, 12:26 AM
I'm sorry you are in trouble.

Did you plan on posting on Halloween or was it just a
weird unfortunate coincidence?


My take on your best option is to return to the world's
oldest professions in the world.

One has already been suggested by Gordon.

It's called Welching.

Bury those deadbeat assets as fast and deep as you can. Give them back to your lender and let it become their problem.

I know your credit is ruined. It could mean bankruptcy. I'm really sorry for that but you're being hit with a baseball bat eventually you gotta bleed
fast and hard but it gets you back on a path to regrowth.

I know it's going to hurt like a MoFa.

Second option.

And the one most overlooked by anyone with a pinch of ego yet is really great solution for you.


Tell us your story then go QVC on us.

You know they tell us a great story on why we should buy their product then you have 30 minutes to buy this product or it's gone forever never to return.

That's your situation isn't it?

If you don't get cash your **** dun gone to the po' house.

You need to go QVC on our asses.

Why else should you do it?

It's cheap for you to market your product.

Get on the phone call your relatives, ex-wives, high school teachers, sons and daughters then lay it on the line. You could do this 24 hours straight and won't cost you any real money, you don't have any right?

Good luck....

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