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October 31, 2007, 11:31 AM
.... there are many stores and business owners who would be keen to have short-term space at a reasonable rent in a place which is getting publicity ... especially with Christmas coming around. Not knowing the local regulations, you might consider getting a huge banner made saying just that and putting it somewhere visible on the side of your mall. Contact local craft associations to let them know as well.

I'd probably have in front of me a note of my monthly overheads to service the loans - one of those cute little graphs where I could mark out each time I made a contribution towards the overheads .... quite motivating seeing it being filled up.

There is a market for PLR articles about house-flipping. You could probably sell some here in the special offers section - as well as the Warrior Forum. It won't make you a fortune, but meeting a percentage of your costs would be better than chewing your fingernails ....

Is there any use which could be made of the remaining land in your commercial real-estate - storage, parking, .... or what about letting people sell their autos there themselves. I'm certain that there's a whole lot of posts by Don on setting up such a business.

Are there any local charities looking for a venue for a charity event - so that you could make the mall busy and get free publicity for your venue?

Your rehabs - I read somewhere about Lease to Buy - not knowing anything about this, I'm going to ask if this is a possibility for you? Would they rent as vacation rentals?

Is there a market for running courses on renovating property to resell? You probably have a lot of expertise on this.

I don't know if that's any help at all - my hubby and I saw a programme on UK television about the state of the US property market (Cleveland, OH) - and to say that it was frightening is a small understatement. I hope you manage to find a solution.


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