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November 5, 2007, 07:14 AM
Hi Killarney,

Thanks for asking for help. Along the lines of what Don said... here is an idea for you:

Organize a workshop / bootcamp / unconference.

1. Find 4-6 real estate and investment gurus. Tell them your story - how you're facing some problems and how you're thinking of organizing a workshop to come out of the hole. Make a deal with them - to pay them a percentage of the passes sold. Maybe you can hold this workshop at your strip center thats semi-developed?

2. Promote your workshop via
i . The speakers lists
ii. Direct mail
iii. Affiliate programs and joint ventures

3. Auction off your properties at the end of the workshop.

3.b. Before the event - announce that other people can list their properties for auction / sale too - for a fee or a percentage of sale.

So it can become a real estate workshop + close out sale of properties.

Similar idea: organize a workshop for small business owners. And then sell off the vacant properties in the strip mall at the end.

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