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May 11, 2012, 01:31 AM
How I Got a F-r-e-e Cup of Chili (1.99)
by Giving Away A 1.00 LOTTO TICKET
In a Wendy's Fast Food Line...


A Thank You Reward to Dien.

I play a game I Learned from watching billionaire Paul Meyer at a
investors meeting.

Something all of us can do IF you eat food.
Go into Fast Food Restaurants.
Drive Thru the Fastfood line.


It's different.

You Have to Do The Opposite of Everyone Else.



Paul gave each one of us 100.00 in cash. Then gave a speech about how
much we could make by following his lead. (He'd just purchased a new company.)

I wasn't ready to invest 7 figures on his say-so.

But I DID Pay Attention.

Lots of people in the room DID INVEST.

Lots of folks.

Too many to be accidental!


I started testing smaller ways to play the Billionaire Moolah Attraction Game.
Anywhere and Everywhere I buy retail. Especially food.

You are Welcome to TRY OUT my SURE FIRE...


Take it to the Bank.

Way to Get F-r-e-e Food and Hugs and Royalty Treatment
AND EXTRA Moolah...

While driving thru the FastFood Drive-Thru Line at ANY Restaurant.

Then the Simple Action Summary Directions Below that.


I drove into the Wendy’s drive thru at 8pm on Sunday. I never know what to order. So I asked the young sounding guy on the intrcom what salad he liked.

He talked about something Hawaiian and some kind of Taco Salad. I got that. I was all ready to hand the kid a LOTTO TICKET. But Wendy’s has two windows now.

Window #1 one guy took my 1/2 a Taco Salad order.
Window #2 a skinny dark haired dude with a small goatee tried to hand me a white paper bag.

But I stuck a Instant Scratch Off LOTTO TICKET, with a pink Pig on the front, in his face. Told him about the gas station attendant I’d bought it from winning sixty dollars.

“I’m sharing the wealth,” I said.

The wiry kid said, “Thank you, Sir.” in an amazed voice. Handed me Bag #1. Then Bag #2. I was still putting my munny away. And my lotto tickets. So I quickly parked the two bags on my passenger seat and drove away.

At a red light I peeked inside.

Bag #1 had a plastic container of salad, a fork plus 4 kinds of salad dressing and croutons. Bag #2 had a big 1.99 container of Chili inside.

EXTRA MUNNY Action Plan:

Just Suppose you Want Extra MOOLAH instead of Extra Food.

Here's what works for lots of my clients and me.

Step I - Go thru the line and order a 99cent drink. Pay It Forward and Give
The Cashier a 1.00 LOTTO ticket. And say THANK YOU.

Step II - Go around again. Say, "I got hungry." Order something from the
99cent menu. FORK OVER another LOTTO TICKET.

Step III - Order a 99cent small fry -
(Hand out a 3rd LOTTO Ticket.)

Step IV - A 99cent Milk shake - and a LOTTO TICKET

Step V - A 99cent Apple Pie - and a LOTTO Ticket.

Let's ADD THIS Up.

5.00 in food and 5.00 in Scratch-off 1.00 LOTTO TICKETS.

Your Guaranteed Results?

My Wendy's Case Study was my 1st visit to a New Place.

What do you GUESS Happens after Repeat Visits?

MAGIC HAPPENS - that's what.

a - You learn everyones names
b - Your coke isn't full of ice
c - Your portions are mounded up
d - You'll get EXTRA food in your Bag
e - Extra Napkins
f - Extra forks and spoons and catsup and mustard

g - After a few visits - You can Expect TWICE As much food as you ordered.
h - 1.00 bills, 5.00 bills, 10.00 bills in the bttm of your bag!
i - I'm not alone in finding 20.00 bills at the bttm of my food. (IF I catch it
I go back and return it. I don't want to get them fired - after all.)

Glenn Osborn

Email me at Rentamentor@mac.com - IF You Have the BRASS OVARIES to
TRY THIS and Get Extra Stuff - FREE.

Send me your success story and I'll THANK REWARD you with a F-r-e-e
copy of my 197.00 "PAY IT FORWARD System."

It comes with a **DOUBLE YOUR MUNNY** Back Guarantee.

How can we possibly Afford to do that?

Because it turns every 1.00 bill in your FastFood Bag into a 100.00 bill.
(I Actually got 151.00 back by giving away the 1.00 LOTTO Ticket at Wendy's.
You can too. )

Here's the "PAY IT FORWARD link -


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