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February 4, 2014, 10:26 AM
Hi Dien, As I recall you performed a sales job to fill seats at a Comedy Club. Can you go into greater detail of what prospecting tactics and approaches worked best for you?

Did you prospect face to face or was it telemarketing? What approaches worked best for you? Did you have a favourite script you committed to memory?

Did you stand out on the sidewalk in front of the club and hand out discount vouchers? What produced your best results?

And did you enjoy the entire process or were there things that you disliked?

What was your greatest challenge? What was the your biggest challenge?

If you could go back in time and relive those days again what would you change knowing what you now know?

Do you think a crazy approach like this one would work?

An Independent Google Trusted Photographer puts on a Google T-shirt, takes his or her camera, walks into a Comedy Club, locates the owners/managers, hands them a business card that has an irresistible offer printed on the backside of the card and then turns on and places a laughing toy donkey like the one in the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKIq2j0y_DA onto the floor and says… I can help fill your tables by upgrading your Google Maps listing. Google has already photographed your club from the outside. I’ll put together a virtual tour of your club by photographing the inside and adding the photos to your Google Maps Pages. Then I’ll clone your website along with some video clips of people laughing and enjoying a show onto CD’s and go take this laughing donkey and use it to grab peoples attention … for example, I could canvas all the business owners in town by walking into their business and saying something like… If you bring this CD into our comedy club by the end of the month you’ll get a free pitcher of beer and you and your friends will laugh your butts off. Then go back and see them again. Maybe offer to film some video testimonials of real customers to add to their website and work out a deal that you earn a commission for getting a paying customer in the door.

Or seeing how I was in Tasmania last year I could go cold calling with a caged Tasmania Devil... see... www.TazCage.info

But my little secret is… I'm lazy and I find it difficult to get off of my big fat butts.

I could do this … But… what if they say no? But what if they laugh at me? But what if I feel embarrassed? But what if I fail…. All these big fat buts get in my way and I really have to push myself because Knowing and Doing Are Two Different Things.

I may know how to sell but I'm not comfortable doing it. I'm still scared and nervous whenever I approach strangers in person and via telephone if the person I'm calling never heard of me and didn't ask or give me permission to call.

So I’m always looking for easier ways to attract new business. For me, putting up portrait displays on the walls of small local restaurants with a sign that says… Win A Free Fantasy Portrait of Your Child… Enter Here… gives me a huge list of prospects who are hoping they will win and are happy and excited when I call them.

Some people will take advantage of my irresistible free offer and not buy any of the extra images but most parents can’t resist buying one of my $500 to $1000 packages.

I can outsource the picture taking to anyone of several photographers I know for $25 per hour because they don’t like to sell and don’t know how to get clients into a studio.

So I know all this, yet I still let my big fat butts get in the way. I wish there was a magic solution to overcoming the fear that often paralysis me from taking action and just do it but I have to work my courage up to do cold calls.

What if there was a way anyone could instantly eliminated fear from their prospecting? What would that be worth to anyone all ready in business or looking to start a business?

I did a search for “Comedy Club Brisbane” but another photographer already took care of their Google Interior images and Australia doesn't have a whole lot of Comedy Clubs but we do have a whole lot of parents who love their kids and who will be buying portraits from somebody. And I know several more excellent ways to get clients… once I get off my big fat put and work a plan.

It’s really not that hard once you learn to spit into the eye of fear.

I'm thinking of doing a Google “HelpOut” and teaching this to others for free. But that would mean I’ll actually have to talk to people via video chat so I might let a big “Fat Butt” keep me from just doing it.


PS.... If anyone wants to purchase blueprints and instructions to build their own Tasmania Devil Cage let me know.

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