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Dien Rice
January 31, 2014, 06:21 PM
Google Maps lets you see the outside of a business (through it's "street view" feature).

But sometimes, you would like to see the inside of a business too, before you go there.

For example, a restaurant may look great from the outside. But once you go in - goodness gracious, it may not look so great once you're in!

Of course, on the other hand, many restaurants look fantastic on the inside too. Letting a customer see that could help drum up further business.

It's in many business people's interests to let people see inside the business, too.

Google Maps now lets you put inside photos of a business right on Google Maps - so people can "browse" and "virtually tour" the business.

However, if a business is going to put their photos on Google Maps - you want good photos! Professional photos, compared to amateur ones, can make a big difference in how attractive an establishment looks...!

Now, photographers can get a slice of this business. It helps to become a Google Maps "Trusted Photographer"... Google promises "free training and support."

The photographers would get paid by the businesses who hire them. However, as a "Trusted Photographer" they would get listed as one of Google's "Trusted Photographers and Agencies" which would help them get found and get more business...

Here's an article about one guy in Canada who's been drumming up business as a Google Maps Trusted Photographer...

Google Maps photographer coming to town

You can also see get a tour, based on photos he took, of the Edmonton Corn Maze (http://goo.gl/maps/zKu1A) (the most unusual business he's photographed so far)! You can try to virtually "solve" the maze yourself! (I tried, and it's not easy!)

More information on become a Google Maps Trusted Photographer can be found here...


...and a list of Trusted Photographers can be found here...


Best wishes!


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