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February 5, 2014, 12:01 PM
Hi Dean, Thanks for answering my questions in such great detail. I started listening to Zig in the late 70’s and use to have a copy of “Secrets of Closing The Sale” when I still lived in the States but I forgot most of what I read so I’m buying the Kindle version of it so I can refresh my memory.

Books have shaped my life… it was “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success” by Frank Bettger that first got me interested in learning how to sell and the one thing I remember from it is Franks secret was “Enthusiasm”.

Just like Gordon’s White Bread story….

You can know everything in the book but if you don’t act with enthusiasm you won’t get far. If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be SKINNY, RICH & HAPPY!

I have some suggestions that will really help you to lose your big fat butt…. I was tall and skinny until my early thirties when I started to gain weight but unlike you, I didn’t get a Fat Butt… I gained it all in my stomach while my butt, legs and arms remain skinny.

But I’m making really good progress on losing my stubborn belly fat and would like to share how I’m doing it with you. It’s been a real struggle but I’m finally on my way to six pack abs and I turn 59 this year.

We all know that the simple, proven formula to losing weight or fat that works every time is to simply eat less and exercise more, right? That’s the short version of the “How-To’s” …

But, Simple Isn’t Always Easy Is It?

There are several books that I can’t say enough good things about that I hope you read. The first one is “Younger Next Year” listen to a sample of the audio version at:
http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_hp_tseft?advsearchKeywords=younger+next+year &filterby=field-keywords&sprefix=Younger Then check the authors website out at: http://www.youngernextyear.com

I’ve lost almost 40lbs since August of 2012 and still have another 20 lbs to lose. My progress has been slow but steady and I’m feeling better than I have for years.

Next, go to my weight loss blog at: www.HungerFreeWeightLoss.com and read the post dated “30 January 2014”. Read the post, then click on the link to download the free FatLoser eBook… after you download the book, go back to www.HungerFreeWeightLoss.com and find the banner on the lower right side for the Free 21 Day Fat Loser program… Between 2003 – 2010 thousands of people paid $500 for the program but the author “Steve Siebold” is now giving it away for free.

Warning… Everyone who has taken my advice on reading “Younger Next Year” loves it. But many people absolutely hate Steve Siebold’s Fat Loser ebook because he doesn't sugar coat the truth but tells it like it is and most people will deny it because they don’t like the truth.

The optional “Skinny Fiber” weight loss pills are part of my strategy to overcome my biggest obstacle to losing weight… hunger and cravings. They are not miracle pills but they do help to control cravings and appetite.

The Younger Next Year book will light your enthusiasm but the Free Fat Loser book and Mental Toughness program will give you a dose of reality… together, these two books combined with sensible diet and exercise will add years to your life and life to your years!

I predict you'll become a big FatLoser this year if you read those two books.


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