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Old February 7, 2018, 04:45 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Confetti Cannon PRE-Heat Success - Just Got Appointment w/Biz Owner

Thanks Gordon - Dien,

"Confetti Cannon PRE-Heat Success - Just Got An Appointment w/Ben-The-Biz-Owner"


YESTERDAY - I called the Insurance Company office.

Spoke to Brandi - the Receptionist.

Warned her not to Allow the office Staff to Open and Shoot Confetti
Cannons all over the place.

Told her the Confetti Cannons are a THANK YOU for her Boss - Ben
for our - Q & A. (Ben Asked a Question about Telemarketing.
I answered by sharing a proven 1 B*illion telemarketing Script.)

TODAY - I called Brandi Back - intending to ASK for her Email Address
so I could send her a Thank you Muffin Recipe Reward for her help YESTERDAY.

But Ben-The-Owner Picked up.

He Recognized my name.

INSTEAD of a CHILLY CHAT. We had a Very Friendly Conversation.

We chatted about confetti cannons, Brandi is his mother, This Really IS
a Family Business. Ben shared that he has never done Telemarketing
Before. The fact his Brochure has no Interactive Element - like a Free Report.
And I Explained how I wanted to Help him make a Bunch of Munny - no strings - before he decides to do business or not.

AND BEN GAVE ME His Email Address.

ASKED me to call back Next Week - When he had MORE TIME to Talk.

As Promised we just emailed him this Special Report - WITH DIRECTIONS
on how to use it in his Telemarketing.


Thanks for The Brief Chat Ben,

I'll call back to find out what Mischief you got into with the case of Confetti Cannons I shipped you.

I tipped my Bank Manager with one - after 1st Shooting
confetti all over her window. (She filled out all my Deposit slips for the 1st time in 2 yrs)

And the lady who delivers my mail. (Who now brings packages to my door.)

SPEAKING of Telemarketing.

We just boosted S*ales for a man who s*Ells 31K D*ollar Water Purification
Systems for the home - in Georgia.

By getting him to SWITCH to the following opening line
which is successful for other Telemarketers I coach.

[li]Solar panels (telemarketer and dr to dr)[/li]
[li]Security systems[/li]
[li]Home Attic Insulation (TX - gets 125 degrees)[/li]
[li]Medical school Loan - Refinance[/li]

[li]I'll Pay You[/li]
[li]$1000 for 2[/li]
[li]Minutes of [/li]
[li]Your Time.[/li]

A - IF You Are a Home Owner - TRY THIS

B - If You are a Telemarketer - SAY THIS First

C - If you Sell Dr To Dr - Hand this page to the Home owner and SAY This.


Because we have 2 Telemarketers and 3 Dr To Dr Salespeople
using this idea to Boost their Sales - Right now.

How a Home Owner Makes An EXTRA $1320 A Year By Switching to LED Light Bulbs

I had a Big Hole in my Wallet. But I plugged it.

Here’s why my 142.00 a mo electric bill dropped to 32.00 a mo. I replaced
The Incandescent and Fluorescent Bulbs in our house w/Super Efficient LEDs.

After testing 4 different screw in LED Bulbs. I liked the Cree 9.5 watt best.
The Amazon Link - age_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Our 3 Bathroom Mirrors have 4 Bulbs over them. But the darn Cree LED is
SO BRIGHT I unscrewed 3 bulbs - use one.

The 4 Bedrooms got an LED (SO Bright I Use 1 Bulb instead of three.)

The Living Rm, Dining Rm, Family room, Kitchen, Laundry room, hallway,
Front & Back Door entrances, Basement and Garage - all got replacement LED bulbs.

15 LED Bulbs put $110.00 a month into my pocket. OH YEAH.

My Dad put motion detectors on all 4 corners of the house. And the Porch.

Heard a noise one night. A Raccoon was eating the Cats Food on the front
Porch. Using Our Flood Lights!

Then I caught a Fat Groundhog eating the flowers. And a deer eating my
Sweet Potato Plants.

And I was Paying so they could SEE BETTER to eat Breakfast, lunch and
dinner at our Expense. NO MORE. I taped over the motion detectors!

Just bought a New Pair of Shoes with some of my Extra Money. Glenn


Dunno if you Caught The IMPORTANT PART of what we did to get Ben-
The-Company-Owner on the Phone in TWO DAYS - with 2 Phone Calls.

Underneath all the Proven Info.

Underneath The Case of Confetti Cannon Grabber

Underneath the Follow up Phone Calls to his office.

What Message Did Ben's UNCONSCIOUS Mind Absorb or Learn?

(Bens UNCONSCIOUS MIND IS Thinking) "HEY - This Guy, Glenn, Knows
Telemarketing! He Got ME on the phone to have a Friendly Chat and Make an
Appointment - with Just 2 PHONE CALLS."


Last edited by Dien Rice : February 8, 2018 at 05:24 AM. Reason: formatting
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