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Old March 2, 2018, 12:05 PM
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Default Money tolerance, self image and unscientific research...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
<p>Thanks Dien - Gordon,

<p>Oooops I Goofed & SCARED The Stuffing Out of 2 Small Biz Owners


<p>Years Ago I attended a Ted Nicholas Seminar. Ted went around the room
asking what - I thought - was a SILLY QUESTION.


<p>"What is Your Idea of BIG Money?

<p>One guy said, "25,000.00

<p>A Woman said 250,000.00

<p>Yet another man said, "25 Million."

<p>And then Ted Tried to make the point that EVERYBODY has a Different
Comfort Level about money.

<p>WHICH I CLEARLY Have Forgotten.

<p>PROOF #1 - The Guy with the 3 Jobs - including a Security MLM We DID Get
on the phone.

<p>a - We shared the 7 figure Idea we adapted for a Pre-Paid-Legal Client.
Similar to his Modern day MLM.

<p>b - Bruce shared his Ph & Email -

<p>c - Then Bruce had to LEAVE in a hurry.

<p>d - Bruce is NOT Returning my phone or emails.

<p>POOR FELLA - Cannot Imagine himself Adapting a M*illion dollar idea.

<p>PROOF #2 - Jessica owns a iPhone StartUp.

<p>And We Can't get her to Return our phone calls AT ALL.

<p>3 Different 7-Figure Case Studies DID NOT Attract her - But Had a *REPEL- ALL-BOARDERS Effect.


<p>PAINFUL MISTAKES have forced me to Remember What DOES WORK For Me.

<p>I dropped Back to PUNT.

<p>"Attraction" Not "CHASING" small Biz Entrepreneurs.


<p>STEP I - Unlike all the others on the Alignable Forum - I research the owner
of each Popular Question. And do Not Talk About Myself.

<p>STEP II - Instead I write a Possible Solution - Based on a 7 Figure Case Study And Customized for the QUESTIONERS Business.

<p>STEP III - THE GOAL - To SCARE AWAY all but Fellow Golden Rule Entrepreneurs.

<p>STEP IV - And We Changed Our "ABOUT ME" Page.

<p>The Section that says, "Our Ideal Customer is..."

<p>Now says something Totally DIFFERENT.


<p>You Might Find This a Bit WEIRD. But We Don't WANT You as a Customer Unless you can Pass Our PAY-It-Forward - Golden Rule Test at

<p>You will find a F-r-e-e Book there called, "The Most Profitable Idea We've Learned in 26 Years of Interviewing Self Made Millionaires."


<p>Only 1 out of 20 Can Successfully Give Away an Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Ticket and TAKE ACTION.

<p>So You Are Probably DOOMED before You Start.

<p>Unless You Go The Extra Mile ALREADY - as Napoleon Hill - Describes in his "Law of Success" book,


<p>Glenn Osborn

<p>Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association


<p>The Goal is to CHASE AWAY non-Entrepreneurs.

<p>ATTRACT people who Already Practice The Golden Rule of Reciprocity
and know who Napoleon Hill is.

<p>THOSE FOLKS will make Extra Cash at the

<p>AND contact me.

<p>Much better system than me SCARING Small Business StartUps.


<p>P.S. - Of Course If I DO Identify another M*illionaire Biz owner I will
Research and contact him or her. Just not any more Beginners afraid of their own

Thanks Glenn,

An important reminder about how magnetic marketing is superior to sales marketing.

First thing, here is a nice article from Jason Kanigan on this same subject:

Now my unscientific research: Over the last 20 years I've observed a phenomenon along this line; Up to 100k in net profit by a young business, their mind governor is set at 1 and a half times. Example: A business only two years old has given the owner a 70k net. He will have a tendency to believe that 105k will be the most he could go for the next year, which isn't bad.

Although Glenn, you and I both know, with the right applied marketing, he might do 5 to 10 times that, but he doesn't have the capacity to believe it.

This applies to the Pareto crowd, 80% have that built in governor (although I might argure 90+) and just won't accept any idea which in their self limiting minds, sounds too good to be true.

Yet, visit the Warrior Forum, one of our favs, eh? And they claim to have 1.3 million members or users. I count 33 people who know what they are talking about, who routinely PARTICIPATE, even though there could be hundreds who may visit now and again.

A common theme is the belief of Newbies that IM will take them to the promised land, that being a 100K a year USA dollar amount, in a short period of time, because that is what they read and there is never a shortage of the naive.

Many of those have never earned 30 or 40K a year but accept the idea they can do 10 to 20 times that IF they find the right program or system.

Then, a couple of years later, they lament the fact they are no where close to getting there, having spent money and not made any, with some exceptions.

I believe that anyone can do 1 and a half times their best year with IM in 18 to 24 months, IF they have a business plan based in reality which uses their strengths and passions to propel them along. Alas, very few ever have a realistic plan.

For many years, I too, used a qualification system...but lately (could it be old age?) I've been slack with this and your post has been a great reminder.

Anyone who has been here for awhile knows my THING is TIME. I will not have my time wasted.

Yet, going against my own beliefs, I've ALLOWED a few people to get me caught in their web of "going to", "getting around to it", "other stuff came up", etc., etc.

Going forward, and thanks to your reminder, I'll have some sort of a simple qualification before I even talk to someone, and then implement little check points so I don't lose valuable time waiting for people to do as they say, or like in your case, those too afraid to go for success.

Mindset, mental attitude is all important in setting and achieving goals, and I have to keep in mind that most of the time we deal with 12 year old minds.

And whatever limits, beliefs about self, their habits are mostly there at 12.

So I thank you for the reminder, not to waste time on those who are fearful, have a low self image, or just bad habits, even though they express interest and raise their hands, it is best to make them jump through the smallest of hoops and their unwillingness to do that, should take them off the table.

I agree. Magnetic (pull) marketing, those who willingly demonstrate a committment, and show they really want to do something...

is the only way to go forward.

Thanks for the great reminder.


Last edited by GordonJ : March 2, 2018 at 12:34 PM.
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