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February 23, 2007, 02:51 AM
He didn't miss the mark at all. You say that you don't believe that you should give your children money, but that's exactly what you did. I don't know how you wrote that sentence with a straight face. She put no effort in to earn it, so there was no "lesson learned".

Why not give her your course and really have her put the effort in to earn it?

Greetings James,

You missed the mark again.

My daughter, like most teenagers, expect their parents to hand over the dough. NOT ME! I do not believe you should give your children money. If you want it you must put forth some effort to earn it. Period!

For years I've been preaching to my children that when you have a financial situation staring you the face there are ways to overcome them by using the Internet. They never believed until today.

This situation was perfect for her to see how the Internet helped her generate money quickly to help her out of a bind. Ironically, she is majoring in business management.

For those of you that stepped up, your donation did more than help pay, it taught my daughter a valuable lesson. Now she is a believer in Internet commerce.

From the bottom of my heart I commend you for your generousity. If you haven't received your copy of my home study course keep watching your emails.

Woody Quiñones

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