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James Anthony
February 22, 2007, 03:49 PM

I don't think I "read more into it" I think your situation is quite obvious.

No way of saying it without sounding like a jerk so I'll just go ahead and be the jerk....

If you had the money to fix the car, you would have never made that offer.

Nothing wrong with not having the cash - we've all been there.

But you made it sound like this was about helping your daughter and not about helping you. You need to get the car fixed, not her.

Also, you mentioned that $20 was selling your book "at a loss" ?!?!?! Huh?

It's an ebook - ANY money you get for it is pure profit.

What you actually ended up doing here was to devalue it by a substantial amount.

Do you honestly think that anyone who reads your post will ever consider buying it for $200 now? Or even the $50 that you had it at last week?

I offered to review it for you a couple of weeks ago when you were asking for reviews and I think you know that I had no intention of ever using it. My offer was to try to help you out and nothing other than that.

I tried to explain that to you but you insisted that if I wanted to review it for you that I should pay the $50 for it. WTF?

I was offering you a couple hours of my time (that doesn't come cheap BTW) for nothing in return and you thought I should pay you for the privledge?

It became real obvious to me at that point that it wasn't the review you were after, it was the $50

Same thing this time around.

I think you need a lesson in "values", both monitarely and personal.


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