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February 22, 2007, 02:07 PM
We have all had our backs against the wall when in comes to money, especially at the age of 17!

So instead of selling your report for less than its value, maybe it would be a better "LIFE LESSON" for your daughter if she had to create some of that dough herself.

Your report and 10 page preview seem to be well laid out.
Maybe your report will be the same and will teach folks how to put dough in their pockets.

So here is my idea to not only help your daughter today, but help her for a lifetime. (if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day, if you teach someone how to fish you feed them for a lifetime! (or however that saying goes))

With her back against the wall, have her follow your program and produce the mugs so she can pay for it herself.
Heck she is in a college town, I don't think that it would be hard to set it up.

She will make the money and then some for her pockets.
How long will it take her at her job to make 2-3K working part-time 2 days per week?

If you help her on the first one, she may just set up another one of 2 of the deals that will allow her more dough than her regular job and allow her to concentrate on her education full-time right now!

Teaching your daughter how to fish right now with your guidance, could be the best bet for her in her current hurdle.
(It doesn't hurt that you have her full attention at the moment as her back is against the wall)
I bet she could even barter the repair for an ad on a mug!!
Everything after that is dough int the bank for your daughter.

Teens are a tough breed, I remember being one, and dread my own children becoming teens.

It is not often a parent has the upperhand on a know-it-all-teen (sorry woody if your daughter isn't a know-it-al, just recalling my own youth)

This could truly be your way in, and your opp to show your daughter how life is in the real world.

Instead of showing how how to beg, show her how to make in on her own!

Best of luck,

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