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February 23, 2007, 09:42 AM
Greetings Bill and Ankesh,

Both of you have suggested this:

Why not give her your course and really have her put the effort in to earn it?

We did discuss this and other options. But she carries a full class load and works part time and has no more hours in the day to do anything else. So she's between a rock and a hard place.

So do I become the hard nosed father that says, "Well you're going to have to figure this out on your own" or do I use the opportunity to show her how to sell products on the Internet to help out in time of need? I choose the latter.

Now I realize many think and have voiced that she has not learned a lesson. On the contrary, she now sees the Internet as a place to buy and sell her stuff. Prior to this she wouldn't even consider the Internet as an option.

I'm glad that I had something that I could use right away to help her out. Which brings me to another point that most of you missed out on. I've received some very nice emails from other parents who have been in the same situation with their children.

Most commented how they never considered using their own products to help out anyone who truly needs assistance.

Instead, by discounting - you potentially made a few people who paid more for your product angry / dis-satisfied and got people questioning your intent on 2 business forums that you frequent.

Now let's address this belief. New products come on the market every day at a set price. But like millions upon millions upon millions of products of the past they never stay at the opening price.

Very few actually go up in price due to their popularity or rareity, but the majority go down in price over time and eventually disappear off the market. The public domain is filled with writings that were at one time sold for a profit, but now are home to anyone for free.

The average consumer knows this about products and waits until a product's price comes down before they consider buying it. If you don't believe me ask your mothers, fathers and grandparents. I know of two individuals that wanted my course last year but did not buy. Both of them donated yesterday.

All of you know this, so don't let your greed glands kling to the notion that a product must stay at the same price forever. It's not realistic.

Also if this situation hadn't happened I would have never considered using my course to help anyone in a financial bind, let alone my daughter. The lesson I learned is sell your products for a profit, but more importantly don't let my zeal to make a profit cloud my judgement when someone needs help.

I do challenge everyone of you reading this, that when someone you know needs financial assistance show them how to buy and sell over the Internet. Even if it means you use your own product to teach them.

Woody Quiñones
ImpactYourArea.com (http://www.impactyourarea.com)
PS. We are still accepting donations. Just go to Paypal and send the $20 to woody@impactyourarea.com and mark it as "Donation For Car Repair". Later in the day my home study course will be emailed to you in a pdf. formatted file.

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