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February 22, 2007, 04:58 PM
I can relate personal experience to this as well.
Here is my story....

I have a "car guy buddy" that wanted to make more money.
I offered him an opp that would have made us partners of sorts...
I offered to purchase a vehicle, my cash, for $400.
My detailing experience, his mechanical know how and we could flip this this for for a $1k profit after parts.

He was not interested as he didn't want to "mess around with chump change"

So I did it myself to show him!

I bought the same suspected vehicle that I spoke of, and offered him $200 to fix what was wrong with it. (Of coarse I didn't tell him it was the same deal I offered him a part of)
He jumped all over it and it was done sooner than he promised.
( I suspect he stayed up all night working on it to collect the $200)

As you could imagine. I showed him the strategy again and we are "Now" partners of sorts!

He worked his tail off for $200 while he could have made $500 for the same labor.

Our agreement is this.....
He has nice vehicles that he drives in the summer time and like to drive junk in the winter so it doesn't damage his primary vehicles.

I bought another vehicle for him to drive in the winter for a touch under $500 4 years ago.
The last three springs we have agreed to keep reinvesting our profits.
Without getting technical about our agreement percentages, 3 winters later, he is driving an $6,000 vehicle that I own more than half of. all on that same $500 investment.

Just goes to show there are several ways to make a buck without panhandeling.

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