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February 18, 2010, 08:00 PM
What's a college kids favorite food? Stew? Carrots & Peas? Naw! It's....

P I Z Z A !

You provide free Ad Sheets (that are taped onto pizza boxes) to local Pizza Delivery biz.

You then sell Ad Space to local biz owners wanting to reach college kids.

You could even expand beyond campus to "regular" folks.

I used to get 6c to 8c per ad depending on the size for 5,000 sheets. 12 ads per sheet.

You'll have to find a printer and graphics person to do the ads but, shouldn't be hard finding these.

Here's one I found http://www.pizzaboxtopads.com You don't have to do Full Color either.

Advertisers would LOVE to be on Pizza Boxes.

Sure beats painting curbs.

Don Alm

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