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February 17, 2010, 12:33 PM
Here's 3 college guys who started a biz last year offering a "Texting Coupon" service to local businesses.


Click on Fayetteville, Ark That's where they started. I see they also went to Univ of OKLA in Norman, OK and got a bunch of advertisers.

What they've done is set up a service where businesses offer a Discount Coupon and people (mostly college kids) can either go to the website and have the coupons sent to their cell phones.

However....if you will send me an email, I will send you info on a guy who started a similar "Coupon Texting" biz from scratch with hardly any start up expense.

Why is this biz the "coming wave"? Because this service can fill a restaurant with diners almost instantly....and bring in buyers to Shoe and Clothing Stores, buyers for almost anything.

It's a "Discount Coupon" business without need for
or Postage

These are "electronic" coupons sent to cell phones and all the recipient has to do is SHOW the display on their cell when they purchase.

Here's another site where the operators got 58 businesses to participate and 11,000 subscribers. http://www.textbux.com

College Kids have money to spend and will go to the businesses where they get the best deals. Ex: A pizza shop sending a text coupon offering "$1 off a Slice of Pizza for Lunch" ....will bring in MANY college kids THAT DAY. ETC.

Again...send me an email (donalm@charter.net) and I'll help you get this set up in your area....and....how to get local businesses pay $50 a week.

Don Alm

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