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February 19, 2010, 06:30 PM
Because my post about "Ads on Pizza boxes" got me interested in these again, I decided to go visit a pizza biz and whala....I discovered he's moving 1,000 Pizza Bozes a WEEK!

In 13 weeks, that's 13,000 Boxes.

I asked the owner if he'd stick MY "Ad Sheets" on his boxes and....I'd put his coupon offers on the back....in FULL Color....at NO Charge.

He said; "Go For It!

So...I check with my internet printer and see that 10,000 sheets, full color, 2 sides will cost me....$380 ($240 for 5,000)

So....what would a business (professional or medico) pay to have their ad go INTO 10,000 Homes?

A few yrs ago, I found they'd pay 8cents/box....so....I think they'd pay $790 each today. ($395 deposit and $395 on proof)

$790 x 16 ads = $12,640 less $380.

And...I've just now (Fri afternoon) gotten "verbal OK's" from 3 biz owners and 1 dentist. People I know who'd LOVE to have their ad go into 10,000 LOCAL homes for 8cents ea! So....looks like this program is a Go.

So...this weekend it looks like I'll make up some Sample Sheets and go out a collect money next week. It's there, waiting to be picked up.

Man O Man....it still amazes me that there are people who sit around and moan and whine about the "economy" or "no jobs" or...whatever.

Just pick yerself up and go do something! Granted, I've been UNemployed my whole life so I don't know what it's like to "go hunting for a job"....I've trained myself to "create jobs"...and opportunities are ALL around....in ANY economy.

Don Alm....STILL actively creating

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