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February 16, 2010, 03:48 AM
Hey fellas,

Great forum, just got done skimming through ALOT of posts and man do you guys know your stuff!

Anyways, right now I am studying Accounting and I.S. at a university, but I am in desperate need of a new job/money to pay for school. This past summer I started my own curb painting business, and I have learned so much from it, and don't know if I can give it up. I made a lot of money, more than I expected. BUT, it is very hard to find places to paint, with all the competition and rules that these cities have.:mad:

I am planning on starting it back up this month, but am looking for some good ideas on finding locations or contacting home owner associations to do some contract work for them because now I have some good experience (painted 1,000's of houses) great quality too.

I was just seeing if anyone has any good information they can share with me OR if you guys have any new ideas that a college student can do.:)

I can def. get a job, but I cannot find anything more than $8 an hour, and that is just a waste of my time right now.:eek:

I was maybe thinking of starting a valet business with college students, but I can't really afford that right now. Maybe next year...;)

If you guys can help me out that would be great. I know the potential I can make painitng curbs, but I would like to move on from it.


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