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February 22, 2010, 02:30 PM
Dear Protegy,


Good question.

Tony is a long time Free ezine member & a painter for very rich retirees.

I just chatted with him about a 15k No Exercise Guaranteed 3 to 5 lb a week wgt loss machine. Many of these people are heavy.

Which is when...

Tony told me about the commercial paint store
that all the Pro Painters use to mix high quality paint colors. (One in every neighborhood)

Go in there with some paint chips to match - as an excuse.

Chat with some of the pro painters.

Get them bragging and complaining about their rich tightwad clients.

Find an affluent high-rise or neighborhood.

GO DOOR TO DOOR - with a booklet of Thank you notes and testimonials from people you've done work for...

OFFER to Do work AT COST in return for 10 referrals to neighbors and relatives and friends EQUAL to or better than they are as a prospect.

Make them understand you expect them to CALL these people on your behalf WHEN you make them HAPPY with your work.

You won't get far
on a Saturday... Before several people take you Up on your offer.


Just like that you are knee deep in Higher Paying Affluent Customers.

IF YOU TREAT THEM LIKE GOLD, you will be so unusual, they will line up to PAY you.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Give Away FREE Stuff - like I do in all my Ebay auctions...


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