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February 17, 2010, 02:24 PM
Know Groupon dot com?

www.groupon.com (http://www.groupon.com)

Twist the idea (as Phil might say) and add Don Alm's in...and you may be onto something.

At Groupon, you can get a discount IF enough people BUY...if not, you don't get the discount and it costs nothing.

Imagine a college town pizza shop, where, perhaps on an "off" day, like Tuesday, you got them to give a HUGE discount, IF you were able to get enough students to buy that day? The revenue you could make would come from your efforts or your hosting or your texting...you would be the toll booth between the supply and demand.

I've been trying to get Groupon to set up shop in West Palm Beach, FL and we may get it soon.

SELLING ADVERTISING is never going away, and when you catch the early wave, you can ride it to tsunami like profits.

Twist and turn it like a Shaun White snowboarding exhibit.


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