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February 26, 2012, 07:48 PM
goodness ...just stopped by to visit my 14 friends on here and discovered this ,,in addition to the putting thread...and had to ask TW if maybe we could meet sometime and just talk ? you remind me of an old Jewish friend of mine, kinda like Billy Crystal., who could always find the Dark side of the day ...it is pretty right now, BUT just you wait, kinda guy.

want to know my feelings on this subject....people are where they are ( me included ) because that is where we WANT to be...period.

The reason we are not 'successful'....how do you define 'success'?....is that we are NOT comfortable doing anything other than what we are doing..NOW

Until someone changes their 'choices' to include 'success' as someone else defines it, nothing different will happen.

I am where I am because I have made choices to get me here. My 'here" may not be your definition of 'success' yet it works for me

gotta go and get my chicken fried steak ....southern folks know what my 'choice' is on that ...be in joy ...

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