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Richard Dennis
February 21, 2012, 12:42 AM

Pure unadulterated horse crap.

Many years ago, my wife and I were having lunch at a seaside restaurant on the Caribbean island of Barbados. As we talked, we saw an amazing sight about 100 yards offshore ... a school of flying fish. I'd heard of them. I'd read about them. But where I grew up on Lake Erie, no fish EVER flew. I was awestruck.

There are hundreds of different kinds of fish. Maybe thousands. But so far as I know, only that flying fish has fin-wings and can glide thru the air like a bird.

Most of the human population does not have wings. They don't believe they will ever achieve what they really want in life. And only the few flying fish amongst them ever will believe - without first having solid proof - that success is actually possible for them. When you tell them to "just believe," you may as well be telling them to fly.

You are wired differently. When you command yourself to believe, you do. You're adamant that anyone else can do the same. In fact, you think it's a character flaw if they don't. And any thought contrary to yours is pure unadulterated horse crap. That is why this thread was addressed only to those who have not had the success in life that they have wanted. It's BS for you, because you'll never understand it. But it's true for most people.

There is hope for them. But it doesn't begin with the command, "Believe!" Most people just can't do that.

Richard Dennis

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