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Paul Wilson
June 10, 2012, 04:06 PM
For newbie lurkers like me.

Jigsaw puzzle: noun.

1. Also called picture puzzle. A set*of irregularly cut pieces of pasteboard, wood, or the like that form a picture or design when fitted together.

2. Any complex, confusing situation, condition, or item, as one composed of seemingly diverse or unrelated elements. Definition from dictionary.com

This is going to be a long first post so I hope youíre sitting comfortably. Hi Iím Paul and Iím the worldís greatest procrastinator. I canít prove this with a photo of gold medals or screenshots showing my certificates of merit, as procrastination isnít a recognised Olympic sport.

SHAME, I couldíve been THE Michael Phelps of procrastination, blowing everybody out of the water.

Thereís been a long running debate about what people need to make it online. Many people have mentioned:

Law of Attraction
Just do it

Plus a whole lot more.

Theyíre all right. When they look at success from where theyíre standing.


Online success is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, with tons of pieces in different shapes and sizes.

And like assembling a puzzle, it doesnít really matter where you start. Some people begin with the edge pieces; others pile pieces together by color or shape, a few individuals just pick one piece, and look for another that fits.

Each method works, but you need every piece to complete the puzzle.

For many people (including me) the hardest part to solving a jigsaw puzzle is opening the box.

Many people donít get past Ė

ďOh my God, that looks complicated, Iíll never finish, itís just too hardĒ,

Thatís why there are so many info product hoarders, who buy the latest shiny new ebook, hoping to find the one that says ďput this piece here, insert the blue one there, et voila! I know because that used to be me.

Side note: theyíll never find it because it doesnít exist. One size doesnít fit all.

The only way to start a small online business, website or blog, is look at it like a jigsaw puzzle. Open the box, pick up a piece and go from there.

It doesnít matter how many times you pick up a piece that doesnít fit, take your time and youíll find the piece that works.

Youíre in test mode, looking for pieces that fit, and putting the puzzle together, who cares which method you use? Just pick any one and see what happens.

Side note: Richard Dennis talks about testing like this in a recent post.

Start, donít worry if the method youíve chosen fails, because youíre testing and youíve just figured out something that doesnít work for you. No one cares if you mess up, itís called experience. We all need experience; itís what takes us to the next level.

Here at Sowpub thereís a wide range of ideas on view that you can test, just pick one, see what happens. I have and Iíve accomplished more in a week than over the past few years. Yep, I said yearsÖ

No sales yet, but Iíve got posts on my blog and products to offer visitors. Iím in full test mode, looking for what works, Iím patient, thereís no rush because the world isnít going to end anytime soon ;-)

I can hear it now, can you, someone whispering ďbut what niche do I choose, how do I decide?Ē


Just choose one and start. Remember weíre in test mode so we donít care what subject we pick. If you have no idea, There are lists you can find online that have hundreds of workable niches, grab a list, look for something you find interesting, then begin.

If you donít see anything you like, close you eyes and point to one on the page. Wherever your finger lands is your starting niche. You might not stay long but thatís not the point. Later as you gain experience youíll know from your testing whether itís a good niche for you or not.

ďBut the guruís say I have to have a passion, feel joyful about the niche I chooseĒ.

Bull, when youíre just starting out it doesnít matter. Remember weíre testing, we want to fail fast so we ca find out what works for us.

Not being passionate about something was my main excuse for inactivity for a long time. Iím almost 52 years young and still donít know what Iím passionate about, that I could turn into a business.

Side note:There is one thing, making love, which I enjoy immensely. However, I havenít figured out how to make money from that particularly activity and Iím not gigolo material. Even if I was, Iíd only get paid on performance. Thatís not what Iíd call passive income and I donít think you can do it online, yetÖ

The point Iím making is:

If you want / need / must have a successful online business, then start. Today!

Forget about being perfect, forget about hitting a home run on your first day, forget about the fear of this or that, and forget about making a million dollars in 2 hours. Just start something, anything. Put yourself in test mode.


ďRome wasnít built in a dayĒ
ďA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stepĒ
ďThe more I practise (think test) the luckier I getĒ

Thanks to all the regular contributors on this forum, for your thoughtful, sometimes provocative and always insightful posts.

Gordon, thanks for the introduction to Sowpub.com.

Paul Wilson
Taking the first step.

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