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February 20, 2012, 12:39 PM

I am addressing only these remarks:

"So here's the Catch-22. They tell you that you can't be successful unless you believe in yourself. And you and I know 100% for certain that you CAN'T believe in yourself, because you've never been successful. How do you find an exit from THAT box?"

Pure unadulterated horse crap. I wasn't successful for a long time but I was 100% certain I could be because I knew there was a way out of the box. I simply had not found it yet.

How did I know there was a way out of the box? I saw you successful guys driving around in your Caddies, Beamers and TBirds and eating steaks while I was hoping for at least a cooked hot dog.

Was I the only one in that box? Hell no. Was the box so tall we couldn't see out? Hell no. Did the box have flaps that could be opened? Hell yes. Therein lies the answer.

The drunk in the Bowery believes in himself and he is 100% successful contrary to what all the do-gooders say. Finds his booze everyday without fail. That my friend is a success story. Only we call him a failure and other negative terms because we JUDGE him and slap him with our opinion of what is failure and what is success.

I'd go so far as to say he has tested every booze he could possibly get. He has even made a choice. He'd rather have MD cuz it has the most kick for the least cost. A true testing expert only he lives in the gutter. Maybe even a crowded gutter.

I guess it is all in how you define successful. You didn't define it in the few words I've quoted so everything I just wrote is based on an assumptive definition. But, hey, what the hell that might have been your intent. Throw out an oft used word/phrase, or a PTV to quote another fellow, and see what boomerang comes home.

Personally I love it because, so far, at least two of us jumped off the pier and posted. Maybe we'll be joined by two or three more and we can all enjoy the swimming hole.

Have a great day!

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