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February 21, 2012, 10:40 AM
"They don't believe they will ever achieve what they really want in life"

I'd believe you if you said

"They don't know what they really want in (or from) life".

That to me is where most people are at. They don't have a clue as to what they want.

This country was designed and to a degree is still designed for Average Joe Schmuck to be as successful as he so desires. Just ask the cowboys schlocking their latest greatest make a million IM package.

That concept is still mentioned in schools maybe not to the degree it was when you and I (born 1945) were surfing our way through the system.

I have re-read this thread and get another sense/thought. The man has his boot on my neck - remember that from the 60's? - so I can't get ahead.

No, sorry the man doesn't have his boot on your neck. You have your boot on your neck. If a pure clutz from the boonies of NY can figure it out by simple observation, so can you.

Now, go take off your boots, stand up and try. And for the rest of you, shut up and quit making excuses for him. Hell, who knows he might grow up and become president, be awarded the nobel prize, take over the auto industry, give his banker friends tons of money, become an expert in the art of the teleprompter and win a second term.

Some people will tell you in the beginning was the word. Not true. In the beginning was a thought. Look what one guy did with a thought. :)

OK, enough of me. I'm on my way to Pyramid Lake to look at flying fish. I know they are there because my Paiute friend, Pete, told me he saw them. Pete usually has clear vision in matters of flying fish and success.

He runs a chain of 6 cigarette stores and visits the same watering hole I've been known to frequent on a semi-often basis.

I think I'll write a book and call it Wisdom From the Watering Hole...

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