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Dien Rice
June 11, 2012, 04:33 AM
For newbie lurkers like me.

Jigsaw puzzle: noun.

1. Also called picture puzzle. A set*of irregularly cut pieces of pasteboard, wood, or the like that form a picture or design when fitted together.

2. Any complex, confusing situation, condition, or item, as one composed of seemingly diverse or unrelated elements. Definition from dictionary.com
Thanks Paul,

Welcome to the forum!

I love the jigsaw puzzle analogy... I think you're absolutely right!

You have to start "somewhere". Although 99% of people seem to be looking for one, there is no "magic bullet" or "magic pill"...

Entrepreneurship and business are a lot of things coming together - and there's no other way to learn it than by doing it, one by one...

If you don't start somewhere - then you'll never start!

Another thing is, when you start... new opportunities will arise. Those opportunities would never have arisen if you hadn't actually started, and were still "thinking about it"...

I've noticed that is true for me, and I believe it is true for everybody.

In addition, once you've started, you add to your credibility. There seem to be a thousand guys and gals who are "planning to start" for every one who has actually taken the first step (any step)... By taking the first step, you already give yourself a huge advantage, in business and in life...

However, with reading - I still recommend continuous learning. Nobody knows everything - and in the end, all that knowledge adds up... Just don't use reading as an excuse for not doing!

Best wishes,


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