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May 22, 2022, 02:36 AM
Thanks Gordon,

I Like The MIND CONTROL Buyers Niche Rob is Selling into.

Years ago - Some Guy Bet Me I couldn't Sell Stuff on Ebay.

He Didn't know I was got back from a Gary Halbert seminar. So was STOKED.

In my view - Ebay - in those days was about Copywriting.

So I wrote a Sales Letter and Sold a Clients book and the 10 Bonus Reports
I wrote for Him.

Bryan Redfield - "Bartenders Guide on how to Pick Up Women"

SEX and DATING Niche.

I put the Auction up - got one bidder. Called him on the phone and sold him a book for 99 bucks.

So I can BRAG I got a Sale On My First Try at Ebay.

But had to split 50/50 with Bryan.

Didn't wanna do that. It's a Hassle.

So I Combined two idea - from 2 different niches.

Plus Researched Ebay and Discovered People were Paying MORE for AudioBooks. So they could walk, drive and LISTEN.


Mind Control

Headline -

"Bartenders Guide on How to Make Women JUMP"

Sold a Bunch of Audiobooks for 500.00 each.


I found a Ton of people selling "How to Pick up women STUFF - And a bunch of folks Already selling MIND CONTROL stuff.

So I threw my Marketing Fish Hook (KEY WORDS) into those two Ponds of Successful Sellers.

Borrowed some of their buyers.


Good idea there.

"Mind Control Copywriting."

J. K. Rowling Used *Mind Control Methods* to sell 500 million books.


Here is a Link to Rob's "Mind Control" Kindle book. Which I would Never Buy
because He didn't offer PROOF in his Body Copy Section.

But he sold TEN anyway.

Which PROVES "Mind Control" is a good niche.


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