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May 23, 2022, 06:05 PM
Being on a body of water in a sailboat is a great metaphor, and if on the Ocean, one can't see all the life, and activity taking place beneath a tranquil sea.

In the sky (where does it begin) and in the atmosphere and beyond, there is all sorts of activity, as much energy as all the creatures in the sea.

We have discussed RF, and all things Radio yet it seems magickal to hold a little radio in your hand and pull out all that sound from "nothing".

Any sailor caught in the Kurisho Current off the coast of Japan has easy sailing, in one direction anyhow.

So, like your wind and instead of tacking into it against the headwinds, it seems your more magickal self has found the current to go with and not work against.

Although, I haven't sustained it, those times when I had amulets and talismans, touch stones, lucky charms and magick Grimoire and REMEMBERED them or the reason for having them in the first place, have been times of great magick, I created my own pocket Grimoire and from that came the one page booklet POCKET PRO series, I still keep a copy of Remote Influence on me when leaving the house.

Need to keep a bag of all things good fortune and magick around my neck, but, actually, that is what I'm working on with the generator.

Interesting stuff, eh?

Most people shy away from anything metaphysical or magickal, or mystical...thank goodness I'm a seer.


Thanks Gordon.

My experience has been similar. My fascination with the occult started very young maybe too young and never went away. The nudges and hints appear to me to be guidance and are continuous whether I pay attention or not. If I don't catch a nudge the intensity can ramp up over time. Incentive to pay attention.

My biggest challenge was working with energy came very easily. Learning what to do and not do with energy and why came at a price. The price paid was in my health and close relationships. The upside is I won't forget the lessons anytime soon!

The magickal goings on are a lot like a wind or ocean current or tide. Building my sailboat eventually became a priority as I could feel it was time to stop wandering about near the shoreline. Still, while we can set our sails and plot our way to our destination forces far bigger than ourselves are out there and have their own agendas. Figuring out which way they are flowing can save a lot time and energy.

Quieting the mind without shutting it down has been a key for me. These days my daily practice including discursive meditation are keys for my awareness and development.

Looking back I can say I have been in a version of the being too busy phenomena you mention. In my case I have been attempting to live two very different world views. One mundane and one magickal.

In not choosing a perspective or choosing both I divide my will and thus my capacity or potential for action. If I choose the mundane perspective to live from I am at odds with the essential nature of my path. A path I have been conscious of since about the age of 9 so it isn't going anywhere. In choosing the mystical/magickal world view though the fear monster looms large.

Eventually I figured out that pretty much every life choice I made due to fear turned out pretty poorly. So in all areas of my life, including money and business, I now choose the magickal or occult world view. The shift has worked out very well for me in some areas of life. We will see how it works out in the money and business arenas.

Yes, with what I can see so far Hogwarts has nothing on what is really going on around us!

-- Eric

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