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May 22, 2022, 12:01 PM
Thanks Glenn,

I asked Dien to suspend sales of my Remote Influence work, and it was revised from the original Remote Hypnosis, around 1998, and the original had a lot more of this sort of stuff in it, but I took it out and streamlined it for the market of the times.

MIND CONTROL is my thing. Can't get enough of it, and today, after 55 years of studying, I'm finally getting to understand a little of it too.

Another few years, I could get dangerous.

It actually is the foundation of the whole idea behind PREOCCUPATION INTERRUPTION, do you think an audio book on that would sell?

I know Dien has been deep diving into cults recently, there have been some headline making cults as of late.

I love the 500 dollar idea for an audio book.

HMMMM, got me thinking. Did you get into my mind?

OH, of course you did.



I Like The MIND CONTROL Buyers Niche Rob is Selling into.

Years ago - Some Guy Bet Me I couldn't Sell Stuff on Ebay.

He Didn't know I was got back from a Gary Halbert seminar. So was STOKED.

In my view - Ebay - in those days was about Copywriting.

So I wrote a Sales Letter and Sold a Clients book and the 10 Bonus Reports
I wrote for Him.

Bryan Redfield - "Bartenders Guide on how to Pick Up Women"

SEX and DATING Niche.

I put the Auction up - got one bidder. Called him on the phone and sold him a book for 99 bucks.

So I can BRAG I got a Sale On My First Try at Ebay.

But had to split 50/50 with Bryan.

Didn't wanna do that. It's a Hassle.

So I Combined two idea - from 2 different niches.

Plus Researched Ebay and Discovered People were Paying MORE for AudioBooks. So they could walk, drive and LISTEN.


Mind Control

Headline -

"Bartenders Guide on How to Make Women JUMP"

Sold a Bunch of Audiobooks for 500.00 each.


I found a Ton of people selling "How to Pick up women STUFF - And a bunch of folks Already selling MIND CONTROL stuff.

So I threw my Marketing Fish Hook (KEY WORDS) into those two Ponds of Successful Sellers.

Borrowed some of their buyers.


Good idea there.

"Mind Control Copywriting."

J. K. Rowling Used *Mind Control Methods* to sell 500 million books.


Here is a Link to Rob's "Mind Control" Kindle book. Which I would Never Buy
because He didn't offer PROOF in his Body Copy Section.

But he sold TEN anyway.

Which PROVES "Mind Control" is a good niche.


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