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May 22, 2022, 07:29 PM
Thanks Eric,

My experiences: surrounded by magickal, mystical ongoing, continuous events, however, not very aware of them UNTIL I tune in.

For me, it has to do with AWARENESS, and not forgetting...sometimes I have had to remind myself to stop, look, listen, and be quiet.

There are so many daily "hints", nudges, suggestions from the Universe and too much of the time, I'm too preoccupied to notice. But when I do and wake up, it is like...YIKES, I've got to stay tuned in...although I never really do.

It is sort of like the old saying about money, most people are too busy earning a living they don't have time to make any money...and for magick,

I think most of us are too busy we don't tune into the world around us, cause when we do...well, all the Wizards of Hogwarts couldn't match what is going on around us, can they?


Thanks Gordon!

My morning tarot readings for the last few days have been signaling new projects if I am wiling to shift my perspective a bit. Reality is so cool in all it's dimensions.

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