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May 22, 2022, 01:30 PM
Okay you got my pulse rate up a tad. Professional background in analytics (health care) and deep experience in the occult here. Market research focused on magick, divination, ufos, radionics, etc... could be a thing?

Just never thought to combine the two in that way.

Synchronicity. I just restarted my LinkedIn profile yesterday.

Thanks for sharing.

As we take a look at Solar-Vision on eBay as a model of a publishing house, one with a huge catalog of offers.

He is doing both, those are REAL hold in your hands products (reports) and more than likely runs a print on demand business model.

But he could have displays in stores, like at Momma's Rocks, where I was this past weekend, a beautiful store that sells all things crystals, rocks, metaphysical and his line would fit nicely with that.

And he could do WORKSHOPS, small gatherings of people who want to learn one of his interesting subjects, and of course, video those and have another product.

Thanks for the article link, and these are my key takeaways.

Rich people own...UNsexy businesses. They build monopolies (brands), like auto dealers who are protected and franchises, which have REGIONS or districts.


My data-driven advice for getting rich for someone with good analytical skills and deep experience in a field is to start a market research business.

Use your specialized knowledge in the field to write up reports;

sell them widely and charge a fortune to your contacts in the field. I have estimated that more than 10 percent of owners of market research businesses are in the top 0.1 percent.
Thanks Forbes. Great idea.


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