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Old October 6, 2008, 09:09 PM
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Default Re: I go through this horse manure 3x per year -- any suggestions?...

Hi Michael...

Here are some answers...

Of those who You call back, how many then go ahead - as a percentage?
>>>>>>>>>>>> It's a very high %.

Of those who go ahead after your call, what was the Excuse they used when they said "I'd have called you back earlier but..."?
>>>>>>>>>>> No excuses given, really. I try to gloss over it + not make 'em feel guilty.

Have you tried not calling back and seeing if the Eventual Call Backs are the same in number, as those who you call back and end up going ahead?
>>>>>>>>> No, I haven't tried that leap of faith.

Why is this only 3 times per year?
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Seasonal biz. The urgency is that it involves booking specific DATES -- and once those dates come + go, that 'inventory' is GONE.

When you call them back, what do you say?
>>>>>>>>>>> If I actually reach them (not their voicemail), I don't make any reference to the 12-billion attempts to reach them that have preceded the call.

Rule # 4: People don't call back to tell you No. One, it costs them time/money to do so and they can't be stuffed. Two, they don't want to be pressured into a Yes. Three, they don't like the hassle of doing it when it's easier to do nothing. Four, doing so is Low down on their Priority List and then they just plain old forget - and after long enough, if they remember, they figure there's no point cause you take their lack of call as a No anyway.

>>>>>>>>>>>> YES! YES! This is the problem. They think they are conveying the msg of "NO" via not calling back. And that makes sense, and it would be ok -- except... except... NO ONE CALLS BACK, even the one's who eventaully DO sign up -- even the ones who WANT to sign up. So, from my side of the counter, them not calling me back is NOT conveying ANY message (yes OR no). That's what I must amke clear to them -- "Not calling me back does NOT convey the message of "NO."

That's why I came up with the wedding invitation analogy (rsvp concept). -- If you send out 100 invitations, and 20 people say no and 20 people say yes -- who many people are coming? Answer: THERE'S NO WAY OF TELLING! (cuz 60 people said nothing!). Maybe I need to SAY THAT to all prospects when I DO talk to them.

Like I said, I'm FINE with prospects not calling me back -- But the ones who DID raise their hand?!? The previous customers who I've become 'pals' with?!? Even when I leave msgs saying call me back EITHER WAY, PLEASE" ?!?

Here's the most mind-boggling example (just one of DOZENS) -- a customer who I got to know very well because the job involved traveling to his area and spending 2 full weeks with him -- I did this 2-weeks each, for 2 years in a row. Had dinner out a few times with his family -- even went to his home a few times -- I also did some extra favors for him. We became pals. I've emailed him a few times since then -- he's responded to the emails (just friendly stuff) Now the question comes up about whether he wants to do it again this year -- responses to emails + calls? ZERO.

I cannot figure it out. In cases like this (and there are many), it would appear to push the just-plain-courtesy envelope.

What service is it you're offering?
>>>>>>>>>>>> I'd rather not disclose that here (don't worry, it's nothing illegal or immoral).

I don't mind biz relationships where I must keep 95% of the initiative -- I don't even mind providing 98% of the initiative. But when I must provide 100% of the initiative -- even with previous customers + people who have expressed an interest, etc. -- that's where the Willie Lowman / Glen Gary Glen Ross thing kicks in.

I don't mind rolling the boulder up the hill 3x a year.

But -- does it always have to be from ground ZERO every time -- even after being at this for 15 years?!?!?!


There must be some way to train them to RSVP.
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