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October 16, 2006, 02:01 AM
If you've got a SERIOUS car, then SERIOUS people will want to know about it. It won't take topless dancers to sell it.

Actually - its been proven that adding women's pictures help sell goods for more money. And proven by economists. Not admen.

Economists persuaded a South African bank to run some tests with their direct mail campaigns. Some 53000 letters were sent to businesses asking them if they would like to borrow money. Interest rates on all these letters varied.

Some letters had a picture of an attractive lady on it. Some didn't. The letters that did have the picture got as high a response rate as the letters that charged 4% lesser interest rate for borrowing money.

For eg: a letter that promised 4% interest rate might get 2% response rate.
A letter that promised 8% interest rate might get a 1% response rate.
But a letter that promised 8% interest rate and which had a picture of a woman would get 2 % response rate too.

Worked for banks. Might work for selling cars too.

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