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October 16, 2006, 02:13 AM
Question #1:

We're testing the above ad.

My guess is we may need to add some personal info about the girls. To get affluent car owners to CHOMP at the bit to get to the site.

What kinds of info should we include?

Question #2:

Should we Test - Small pics of each girl at the bttm of the ad? Then tell them to go to the site for the Full size photos?



Thanks Glenn for writing such an entertaining ad.

Instead of giving details about the girls, give details about the situations and stories. How girls honk at him at signals. How he gets better service when people see the car. How he doesn't have to wait in lines. How girls go out of control - which makes the wife mad.

Add a full size photo of girls around the car on the ad itself. And add a caption to it. That photo can work as your 2nd headline - attracting peoples attention.

On the website - you can always add more photos with more girls in different places.

You know - you could also create a video - interview the wife - make it funny - and add it to youtube. Might become viral. That way, you might have to spend less on advertising.

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