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October 16, 2006, 05:02 AM
Dear Steve,


I really admire your house sign biz. And the headline you used to get dozens and dozens of Dog Photo leads. Without paying a dime. What part of Australia did you move to?

Ted Nickolas talks about the "Hidden Benefit."

He taught us to ignore the surface stuff. DIG for the emotion that drives the prospect.

For the Aston Martin - we were thinking of James Bond and the Bond Girls. Q and his gadgets. If girls in bikini's created a billion dollar empire around the goofy Bond movies. We should be able to sell 5 or 10 Aston Martins.

HECK. Why would you SPEND 250,000 on a car? It would take 24 hr security to protect it. As soon as it leaves the lot it's a hunk of rusting metal. So we have to figure out the Hidden Emotional benefit of owning it.

Guys want to Show off to other guys.
Men want to show off to women.
Males want to attract females and brag and show off to other males.

That's the Sizzle.

I expect we'll have to tweak the basic concept. It should work fine to attract affluent car fanatics to the sales website, tho.

It's good to get YES and NO opinions.

The faster we make mistakes the quicker we get to the money. That's the rule for entrepreneurs.



Glenn is selling the sizzle – not the steak.

Sure the car will sale without the hype but
people want to be entertained. They are not
really looking to buy just basic transportation.

They buy the feelings they imagine in their heads
when considering your offer. If you paint a picture
in their minds of how owning and driving this car
can make them feel you can get a higher price for it.

My wife and I just sold our 1976 Jaguar on its looks alone.

Only took one day to do it and we had people bidding against
each other for it. And we told everyone how many repairs the car
needs and how we bought a family Station Wagon because we
needed reliable transportation and more cargo space for delivering
the Gift Baskets we make for Realtors and Car Dealers and for hauling
our Photography gear and props around.

But we also told them how heads would turn whenever we drove the car
and how people would always approach us to talk about it and how it would
attract the attention of the opposite sex.

We got more for it than we were asking!

What’s wrong with Glenn promoting his ebay business?

Steve Shulenski

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