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August 31, 2008, 01:00 AM
I started training my mind to see things through other people's eyes.

I (mentally) 'borrowed' the eyes of people who are NOT in the niche.

I think a niche is like a circle or ring. Stand inside the ring, and you hear lot's of loud noise that is the chatter (+ dreams) of all those in the niche. It's deafening.

Place your feet just outside the circle -- and you hear SILENCE.

Feet inside -- deafening DIN.

Feet outside -- silence.

Inside, outside, inside, outside -- etc.

THAT'S what I trained my mind to do.

Call it 'remote viewing,' if you will.

What I saw when I was on the outside looking in (read: minus the delusions), was not pretty -- and still isn't.

The worse news is, this is how much of the real world (outside the circle) sees US! Whether we like it or not.

Are we hucksters?

Well ---- perception is reality -- and if the shoe fits, etc.

It's something that must be dealt with -- if we are to progress, imo.

And to deal with it, we must first admit to the problem/hurdle (again, imo).


-- TW

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